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Hibiya Kenjirō
Official Youtube Channel

You can view videos of the Hibiya Family created by the Adachi City Museum, as well as a commentary on the Kokin Bina, considered a masterpiece of the Edo Period Hina decorations, on the official YouTube channel.


Adachi City Museum

The Adachi City Museum has focused on cultural heritage research, and Adachi Ward has become a place that should be spoken of as a "treasure house of beauty and intelligence". Today, many of the Hibiya Family's valuable collections are deposited there.


Special Cultural Heritage Research Exhibition "The Radiance of 

From November 2020 to February 2021, a special exhibition of Adachi Ward's cultural heritage was held at the Adachi City Museum.
From the Edo period to the Meiji era (1868−1912), local samurai like Hibiya Kenjirō were active in Adachi Ward, enjoying the art and culture it had to offer. The works of art and cultural artifacts left behind by these people were prominently featured in this special exhibition.

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Horiguchi Masumi Official Website

This is the official website of Horiguchi Masumi, alias Hōrī, an Oedo-style YouTuber who is active as a historical TV personality and historical writer.

Ms. Horiguchi, a native of Adachi Ward, also has a special program introducing Hibiya Kenjirō and the historical sites related to the Hibiya Family. 

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