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Dual Plated Body Armor with Chestnut Leather

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

 This is one of the armors passed down within the Hibiya Family (日比谷家). It was made between the beginning and middle of the Edo period (1603–1868). The armor was most probably used on battlefields as there are a few marks made by spears or blades in several spots. The body armor comes with two iron plates with a hinge on the left side to open, and is wrapped with chestnut-colored leather. The two plates are tied with navy blue strings at the front side of the armor. Tassets are made of chestnut-colored leather that comes with six units of five plates covering the waist. The same item is also attached to the body armor as shoulder protection. The helmet is made of iron in a rust color lacquer coating with five chestnut-colored leathered neck plates.

All Japanese names in this translation follow the Japanese order: surname-name, and all Japanese names and words follow the Hepburn romanization method.

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