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Blueprint of Koemon Shinden

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

 This is a blueprint passed down within the Hibiya Family (日比谷家). The blueprint shows the area known as Koemon Shinden (小右衛門新田) area during from the Edo period (1603–1868) to the Meiji era (1868–1912) onwards. The area spreads across today’s Chūō Honmachi, Umejima and Hirano in Adachi ward, Tōkyō. Koemon Shinden is also located almost in the heart of the Fuchie Territory, Adachi District, Musashi Province, and it is also in between the West – Nikkō Dōchū (also known as Nikkō Kaidō) and the East – the Ōhara Michi.

 As indicated in its name, the village is a shinden (新田), or wasteland newly developed by “seven samurais” including Watanabe Koemon (渡辺小右衛門) (unknown date of birth and death) and Hibiya Kozaemon (日比谷小左衛門) (1848–1921)in the second year of the Genna era (1616). The development of this wasteland in the Adachi area started around the Sengoku period (1467–1615) from the Western part and then further expanded into the Eastern part at the beginning of the Edo period.

All Japanese names in this translation follow the Japanese order: surname-name, and all Japanese names and words follow the Hepburn romanization method.

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